Moments are ephemeral. They come and then they go in a matter of seconds. Recreating them in perfect sequence can be very hard sometimes, even impossible. This is why people would capture moments and compile them to videos, motion pictures so that memories stay intact. MediaShow 6 is one of the best software available in the market that does just that!

MediaShow 6 works as slideshow and media management software. It boasts efficiency as it cuts down so much time in organizing your photos and transforms it into awesome video clips. This software is very affordable and can be used even by new users, as it is very user friendly and easy as well.

MediaShow 6 Features

Keeping Track of Memories

Looking for specific photos and videos from your file takes a long time considering the very many photos you have saved. The MediaShow 6 has a calendar view feature that makes searching easier. If you are looking for a picture, you do not have to scroll from folder to folder, you just have to type the date and you will be brought to that photo file! Easy, breezy.

Tagging Made Easy!

Typing the name of the person on the photo to let them know that they are in the captured moment, and tagging your friends to make sharing faster is a lot of work. ‘FaceMe’ is another feature of MediaShow 6, it identifies the faces of your photos accurately even if they are wearing sunglasses and they are posing different angles.

Another great thing about the tagging system is that you can tag your friends and if you want to check all the photos you have on a certain friend, you only need to type the name and all your images of them even from months ago will appear.

You can also group your photos according to the event. You can tag bunch of photos of your summer getaway with ‘Summer’ or ‘Getaway’ and many more events.

Quick Edit

Editing is not easy, not everyone is born with the hands of videographers and MediaShow 6 knows that. To solve that problem, the software has a one – click tool that does quick editing. This one – click tool reduces noise, it gets rid of the shakiness of your videos, it automatically lightens up dark videos and it removes distracting noise in the background.

If you happen not to like the result of the edited videos you made, you can easily delete and remove it from the ‘Edit Log’. You can also reset your videos to original setting when you do not like what you did.

With MediaShow 6, you get stylish slideshows and videos in just a matter of minutes. You can recreate, customize, you can combine photos and add texts and other effects to make it livelier. You can add music, songs of your choice to make the moments the best to remember. You do not need to be a genius to come up with videos that speak of thousands great moments.

MediaShow 6.0 Out Now

MediaShow 6

Hello Friends! Today, I would like to share you the recent news about our favorite MediaShow software. Cyberlink recently released the newest version of their photo and video editing software, the MediaShow 6.0. This software allows its user to organize both picture nd video files logically so that using them in the future will be quick and easy.

With the advent of technology, people find it much easier to make everything on their own including video and photo management. Years before, you need the help of a professional to create video presentations and photo editing so that you can use them for your business and special occasions.

With MediaShow 6.0…

  1. Organize photos and videos using the timecode from your devices. Finding files is made easy with this feature as you only need to key in the dates when you took the photo or video so you can access them right away.
  2. Folder browsing allows you to preview a folder’s content without even opening it. You can conveniently search for a certain photo in seconds just blooking at the folders.
  3. FaceMe is a new technology that lets you conveniently tag faces to give your subjects identity. This smart tool can recognize people even with partially hidden faces so you will never have to guess who’s who in the pictures. You can then search for people tag in your photos by using FaceMe in your search.
  4. Tagging photos and videos groups your files into meaningful categories. You can create your own tags or choose from the preset ones.
  5. Have the option to enhance photos and videos with its easy editing tools. You never have to make do with red eyes, glares, and crooked shots again. You can easily make enhancements and quick fixes with simple tools. You can even edit multiple photos at once by using its batch correction tool. The video editing tool is also easy with the MediaShow’s one- click video editing. Getting the right footage has never been this easy.
  6. MediaShow 6.0 also allows editing for 3D photo and video files. Making your photos and videos look so much better than the original without having to take your files to a professional photo and video editing company.
  7. And finally, making photo slideshows and video projects is very easy with MediaShow 6.0. This makes you create memorable photo and video montages that you can show off during special occasions. You can personalized each project with your choice of music plus enhance them to perfection by applying professional quality effects.

All of these are possible with MediaShow 6.0. Whether you need a great software to organize all of your media files or you want a software that could help you unleash your creativity, MediaShow 6.0 is definitely the best software that is perfect for you.

Get MediaShow 6.0 or upgrade!

Until Next Time,

Peter–Your MediaShow Guide

MediaShow 5 Released

box_ms5_eng_rHello there,

What many have been waiting for is finally here Cyberlink always staying ahead of the competition. Yes that’s right  Cyberlink’s MediaShow 5 is now in the market!

Cyberlink MediaShow 5, the only software that gives utmost importance and care to your life’s best treasured moments, be it your Wedding anniversary, your son’s graduation day, Christmas with the family and so on.

Do you already own Mediashow 4 and quite pleased with it? Not sure if its worth upgrading to the new Mediashow 5 ?

Read on and decide for yourself….

Here are some of  the New and Improved Features of MediaShow 5 that have blown me off my feet: -

1-Click Fixes for Photos and Videos IMPROVED

oneclickfixJam-packed with enhancements which you can apply with just 1-click:

Video Enhancement:

- Remove “visual noise” from grainy videos.
- Automatically adjust brightness, contrast and saturation.
- Remove distracting noise from your recorded audio.
- NEW Edit Log – tracks every changes you apply and you canss even compare the before and after.
- Apply effects when video editing.
- Easy Video Trimming Feature plus more…

Photo Enhancement:

- Remove red-eyes
- Easy to use sliders for adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, white balance and sharpness.
- Add style to your picture with a choice of 9 picture effects
- Batch Edit
- plus more….

Face Tagging and Sorting NEW

facetagWith MediaShow’s fast and precise face recognition technology, it’s now easy to identify people in photos even when they’re wearing sunglasses or facing away from the camera. The Ultra-Fast Sorting feature also groups similar looking people and even provide suggestions as to who is in every photo.

People Search NEW

Searching for people is now made faster by tags. Simply type in the person’s name or click on the image of the person you’re searching, MediaShow will show all photos where the person appears in.

Artistic Slideshow Tools IMPROVED

creativeslideshow- 12 Style templates
- Background music
- Chapters for lengthy slideshows
- More than 30 Transition Effects
- More

Speedy Video Conversion IMPROVED

Converting your videos  now made 10x faster by leveraging the full power of your CPU and graphics processor. With wide range of video outputs to choose from.

Online Sharing IMPROVED

MediaShow delivers a quick-and-easy way to share your photos and videos to your friends in Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube.

If you already own MediaShow 4 and would like to upgrade you can request your upgrade here.

Use Mediashow 5 to Treasure your digital memories in style !

Until Next Time ;-)

Peter – Your MediaShow Guide


Hello Friends,

Are you a proud owner of Cyberlink’s MediaShow? If you are you should be enjoying the full unique features of photo/video management tools that comes with it.

Don’t know why you need MediaShow? MediaShow is a software that helps you organize, enhance, and share your photos and videos. MediaShow makes it easy to manage your media library with its slick and responsive 3D interface.

Let’s take a step forward and discover the new and exciting ways of managing our well-treasured memories (new born baby, weddings, Birthdays etc) that don’t deserve to be sent to Recycle Bin.

What are some of the features that you can with MediaShow that is completely unmatched with the competition? Read on…..


It’s time to move on and forget the old ways of moving around your photos using several clicks. Trash the multi-click functions  to perform very simple tasks! With MediaShow, you can organize and enhance your media with just ONE-CLICK and the DRAG-AND-DROP functionality fast and easy!

You can also create your personalized screensaver in an instant by simply dragging your desired pictures on the screen saver icon and Voila!


Experience an amazing time browsing through your favorite videos and pictures  with MediaShow’s resizable, easy-to-use 3D interface. It combines lightning-quick responsiveness with flawless, liquid graphics that flow and move smoothly.


Import your videos and pictures from a wide-range of supported devices and cameras in lightning-fast speed! MediaShow’s auto-find capability, zoomable thumbnails and detailed previews can turn your once snail-like performance of creating and organizing your library into such a delight and a wonderful project!

Capture, import, access and enhance your media files with MediaShow 4′s auto-fix tools, tagging and adding description tools for easy searching. What can be greater than sharing your videos with your friends and family using an easy upload to YouTube or burn to  DVD.

I’ve revealed my secret don’t get left behind in the old school get the world’s most robust media management software, MediaShow 4 now!

Until Next Time ;-)

Peter – Your Media Show Guide

Produce a Movie on MediaShow 4

Convert_resizedHello Friend,

I recently purchased my own copy of  MediaShow 4. All I can say is “Wow”  Am one lucky person to have discovered the best software for video and photo management.

Manufactured by none other than Cyberlink, the world’s leading company in the field of digital entertainment and multimedia solutions.

If  you need a software to help you manage the videos  and photos of  your summer vacation so that you can easily share with friends and family try out  MediaShow and believe me you won’t regret it.

If you already own MediaShow, congratulations! Millions of its users are happy to have MediaShow 4 because it makes it easy to manage our media library with its smooth and advanced 3D interface. All your stock of photos and folders of videos will be very well managed and can be enhanced and shared, making sharing and preserving memories as easy and as memorable as you want them to be.

Are  you worried that you may not be able to find your way around MediaShow?  Worry no more its so simple and user friendly.

Do you think producing a video with MediaShow is rocket science?? Not at all  I will prove it to you right away by showing you how easy it is with my simple instructions below.


Just follow these step-by-step instructions and you will be able to produce that video in no time at all.

1. On the Tray, select and Hold the video(s) in your Library that you wish to include in your movie and then click Movie. This will display the Create Movie window.

2. Click on Style to select a movie style template that fits your video. Selecting a style template provides pre-designed opening sequences, transitions and effects to automatically generate professional-looking movie.

3. Click on Mix and then on to add background music to your movie.

4. Click Produce Movie button to output a finished version to a video file. The finished movie will be produced and saved in your Library.

That’s it as simple as A B C! Don’t waste time grab your copy and start sharing your digital memories.

Until Next Time ;-)

Peter – Your MediaShow Guide

MediaShow Photo and Video Manager


Hello Friend,

Are you sick and tired of thinking what to do with those pictures of your family, company outing, vacation trip and other pictures from all the events you’ve been to? Need something to help you manage all these in a nicer and creative way not to mention something easy to use and quick?

Like me, I know your answer to these questions is a big YES!

So, I did a search on the Internet for the right media manager that meets my needs and I’ve stumbled upon this MediaShow, a product of Cyberlink.

Media Show is Easy to Use, Quick and Makes you Look Like a Pro in Minutes!

I’ve read through its features and I honestly loved it. To save you time I will share  the cool stuff I’ve come to like about MediaShow and why I decided to finally settle on buying it:


  1. The most important function of course, is its capability to capture, organize, enhance and share my media files, that includes my pictures (4gb to be exact) and videos (a total of 6gb) not to mention those that are still on my digital camera.

  2. Its Quick Import feature, will give me fast import of my media files from digital camera and even automatically finds photos and videos on my drives.

  3. Enhancement Tools – It has editing tools for my pictures and videos to look better and smarter. The Before-and-After Screen is also pretty helpful during the editing process.

  4. Create Slideshows – A must and I’m thankful it has this.

  5. MediaShow has the capability to convert media files to DVD’s/DVD Burning feature, with the personalized choices of background music and menu and title styles to select from it can be pretty awesome and convenient.

  6. I can share it online! Just a few clicks away from Youtube and Flickr.

Now, I’m so excited to find out more of this application, I have to go and start my purchase.

Buy yourself one too.

Until Next Time Bye!

Peter – Your MediaShow Guide

MediaShow 4.0 Launched

A short while ago MediaShow 4 was launched. Read more about Mediashow 4